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I’ve got a couple of different options for purchasing a Vectrex multi-cart.

If you want to purchase a brand new v3.0 Vectrex multi-cart, click the button below to add one to your cart.

Vectrex Multi-Cart v3.0 CART ONLY - NO BOX

For the first time, I have made a KICK ASS BOX available for the multi-cart!  It is the exact size and shape (and color) as the regular Vectrex boxes and it will not only give you a great place to store and protect your multi-cart, but it will also look awesome on your shelf with the rest of your Vectrex collection.  If you buy the box with the multi-cart, the box is $12.

Vectrex Multi-Cart v3.0 WITH BOX

I still have some v2.5 copies of the Vectrex multi-cart available and there will probably be some people trading them in to upgrade.  While supplies last, I will be offering v2.5 for $30.  This is the same version I was selling just a few months ago for $50 that contains 58 games which includes all of the GCE titles (less Animaction) and a decent selection of homebrews and prototypes.  Click the button below to purchase a v2.5 Vectrex multi-cart through PayPal.  If you want more than one of the v2.5 multi-carts, please contact me through the "Contact" page.

(PLEASE NOTE – v2.5 multi-carts purchased after August 1, 2017 will NOT be eligible under the upgrade options outlined on this website)

Vectrex Multi-Cart v2.5 CART ONLY - NO BOX

So if you're cool with the multi-cart you already have but would still like to grab a KICK ASS BOX only so you can proudly display your multi-cart with the rest of your collection, you are more than welcome to buy a BOX ONLY for $15 plus shipping.

Vectrex Multi-Cart BOX ONLY

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